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imgp1198neu_2-01 I like living in Taiwan. I admire the degree of freedom this society has achieved for itself.

My goal is to make the world know more about Taiwan. 

I am a freelance journalist and the only German correspondent regularly reporting from Taiwan for print media, radio and TV.

There is so much people in the West should know about Taiwan – about its democracy, diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and the amazing people here.

Some of my reports for Deutsche Welle have been translated into English:

taiwanreporter – not just in German.

While most of my work is done in German, of course I also work for English-language media.

I am a trained video journalist and film TV reports with my own equipment. You can watch some of them right here.

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Member of, a global network of freelance correspondents reporting for German- and English-language publications. Member of the Taiwan Foreign Correspondents‘ Club.