My Book Taiwan: Snapshots of

Democracy in Action


Democracy makes all the difference between Taiwan and China. But Western media often ignore the world’s only ethnic Chinese democracy. Reading this richly illustrated book, you will be surprised to discover how vibrant democracy in Taiwan has become.

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Taiwan: Snapshots of Democracy in Action

Discover an Exciting Side of Taiwan: Democracy in Chinese

Taiwanese are not afraid to speak out, hit the streets and make their voices heard. Reporting from Taipei, I have been lucky enough to witness and capture many key moments. From the 2008 watershed election to the aftermath of the 2012 Taiwan elections, these are my snapshots of democracy in action.




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What are the topics covered in the book?

The chapters are titled:

  • 2008 Presidential Election 2008年總統大選
  • A Blast From the Past 來自過去的打擊 (Honoring Chiang Kai-shek)
  • Political Popstar 政治明星 (President Ma Ying-jeou)
  • What’s in a Name? 名字算得了什麼? (Renaming Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall)
  • Welcoming the World 歡迎全世界 (Successful World Games and Deaflympics)
  • The Chinese Connection 兩岸關係 (Chinese tourists)
  • Standing Guard 堅守崗位 (Falun Gong)
  • An Open Society 一個開放的社會 (Asia’s biggest LGBT Pride Parade)
  • A President Disgraced 受到羞辱的總統 (Chen Shui-bian’s corruption case)
  • A Dictator Revered 受到尊敬的獨裁者 (Chiang Kai-shek souvenirs)
  • Economy vs. Environment 經濟 vs 環境 (Enviromental movement)
  • Places of Remembrance 紀念園區 (Prison Memorials: Jingmei, Green Island)
  • A nuclear-free homeland 非核家園 (Anti-nuclear protests after Fuskishima)
  • 2012 Presidential Election 2012年總統大選
  • On the Campaign Trail 競選之路
  • Decision Day 投票日
  • A Nation Divided 一個分裂的國家
  • Upholding Sovereignty 堅守主權

What do others say about the book?

  • Review at David on Formosa
    „A very useful introduction to Taiwan … It highlights the diverse and colourful nature of Taiwan’s civil society as well as its polarisation.“

Why am I doing this?

The aim of my work as a reporter is to raise more awareness for Taiwan. Democracy and a free society are here to stay. The complicated Taiwan-China relations often disctract from this simple fact.


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Klaus Bardenhagen